Our Story

Artisanal Aspirations

Centre Ring is a new brand developed to promote and market craft beverages and deli food products. Our focus is on small batch, hand-crafted products. We showcase organic and sustainable products along with the traditional classics.

Our goal is to provide local businesses a secondary brand to expand their market to new consumers. 

As the owner of Blind Renaissance, Inc., Kirk Dietrich started the Centre Ring concept with two of his local clients, a craft distillery and a small winery. Both clients wanted to expand their current markets by developing a second brand.

Both companies have successfully grown their businesses for over six years. Distributors have inquired if they could create a second brand. At about the same time, Kirk hosted an after-golf dinner gathering at his lake house for a group of business associates. During the evening, he shared some handcrafted, single barrel organic wheat whiskey created by one of his clients. They state that is was the best whiskey they had ever tried and many of the men professed to be quite particular and well-versed in whiskeys. 

The group later approached Kirk to see if there was an opportunity to buy in to the craft distillery company. The men also suggested that Kirk and Colin, the craft distillery owner, work with them to develop a new company using local, organic grains.