Tasting Rooms

Setting the Scene

Tasting rooms that have a central bar for craft spirits and wine sampling will be the enticement to visit. The complimentary, locally sourced craft deli product line – meats, cheeses, breads, coffee, chocolates, olive oils, etc. – along with direct wine and liquor retail sales is a new to the franchise world.

A small working copper still will be the focal point of the retail outlet. It will be set up behind a circular bar. The interior design will be Urban Chic. The New Starbucks flagship retail outlets showcase some aspects of this style in the use of raw, natural surfaces that are juxtaposed by rich, colorful graphic elements. 

We will create custom art elements using a mix of enlarged vintage imagery and simplified organic shapes. Reclaimed architectural pieces will be incorporated when available. 

Rustic Meets Modern

Our Brick & Mortar Stores

Tasting rooms that have a central bar for craft spirits and wine sampling will be the enticement to visit. 

Our goal is to accentuate the craft and artisan feel by creating an old-style, brick and mortar atmosphere using interior design in our venues and tasting rooms.

Many other businesses are catching on to the craft and artisan style and are transforming their brands to match. Companies from local businesses all the way up to stores like Starbucks and KFC are beginning to shift their interiors to match these new trends.

Below are some examples of what other small businesses and large companies are doing to use reclaimed and salvaged materials to give their stores a more rustic, textural feel.

We plan to employ the same interior design principles to create brick and mortar stores that create a distinct sense of place.

Interior Design Trends

“But craft distilling isn’t just about expanding market share behind the bar. Many distilleries are opening tasting rooms and gift shops, and their impact on local economies can be huge. ‘The future for these places is in becoming tourist destinations,’ says Owens, Who knows of craft distillers bringing in $30,000 per month from their gift shops alone. ‘People don’t realize how much life they bring to their communities with breweries and distilleries.’”

"Using salvaged material in our store design is really a continuation of the brand's heritage and a further commitment to being resourceful and creative."

– Paul Wilson, Store Designer and Visual Merchandising Senior Manager, Chrome

Source: Mang, Lauren. "Up-Cycled: Old materials take on a new life at Chrome Industries' Minneapolis Hub store." 30, March 2016, vmsd.com/content/cycled.
Photography: Stephan Jende, Minneapolis

"A dash of history and a pinch of modern."

"Inside, modern style mixes with traditional, and rough textures contrast with smooth surfaces, resulting in a harmonious bridge between the 62-seat venue and its listed envelope. Materials convey a sense of permanency, with natural stone floors, exposed brick walls and marble and timber tabletops, complementing a procession of glazed archways and the ceiling’s metal framework."

Source: Sheber, Alicia. "Savor the Flavor: KFC's latest Istanbul flagship spices things up with a dash of history and a pinch of modernity." 1, June 2016, vmsd.com/content/savor-flavor.
Photography: Gürkan Akay, Istanbul

"Shoppers are welcomed by an I-beam-appointed façade and white-washed, exposed brick surface treatments. One of the prominent brick walls sports the hand-painted phrase, 'The city that loves to eat.' The bar takes its cues from a vintage luncheonette counter."

Source: Feigenbaum, Eric. "Open-Air Flair." 18, July 2016, vmsd.com/content/open-air-flair.
Photography: Richard Cadan, Fairfield, CN



After restoring its façade, making the required seismic upgrades and salvaging a number of the building’s original materials, including wood from the ceiling and portions of the terrazzo and concrete floor, the Seattle-based coffee chain presented its first-ever 15,000-square-foot facility devoted to coffee education, dining and retail. The creation of the brand’s first Roastery is part of the company’s move to expand the reach of its rare “Reserve” coffees and deliver a unique, immersive roasting experience."

Source: Mang, Lauren. "Cool Beans." 13, April 2015, vmsd.com/content/cool-beans.
Photography: Courtesy of Starbucks Coffee Co., Seattle