Chocolate Pairs Well with Wines & Brews

Bridge Brands Chocolate is renowned for originating the concept of combining different chocolate intensities with different drinks. They are known for their popular Wine Lover's Chocolate, which pairs cacao percentages and flavors to white, milk, and dark chocolate to specific wine varietals. They were first to start this trend and still produce the widest selection of cacao percentages paired to wine varietals. 

They also have had tremendous success with their Whiskey Lover's chocolate brand. And now they have brought the concept of chocolate pairing to the Beer Lovers of the world.

Pair your favorite beer or craft beverage with their gourmet, all-natural chocolate drops. They come in these eye-catching branded tins and are ideal as gift items or premium giveaways.

The chocolates are delicious on their own or as a smooth and great-tasting accessory to your favorite brew.

Bridge Brands also produce Custom Tins, featuring your own graphics and logo. Private label tins make for perfect branded items at events, for VIPs, and for online store sales.

– Wine & Craft Beverage News, July 2015

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