Harvest Market: Connects the Dots

New concept links consumers back to food makers.

Harvest Market, which by its very name harkens back to the land, offers a blend of conventional items and natural/organic products supporting the farm-to-table ideal, with conventional products making up about 40 percent of the selection and natural/organic accounting for the bulk, at 60 percent.

“We began with the idea and understanding that we wanted to have a connection for our customers that is unique in the industry and allows them to understand who the producers and makers are,” Niemann says. “Everything flows from this relationship with these producers and makers. That also allows them to understand where their food comes from, what’s in it, what’s not in it. People are very, very interested in that.”

The switch to a focus on local or smaller producers had the team rethinking the entire supply process. County Market stores are supplied by traditional wholesaler and DSD vendors, but for the new Harvest Market concept, Niemann says: “We just realized that the food business is changing. Obviously, it’s changing very fast. How can we have something that has a real, true connection?”

– Article by Katie Martin, Progressive Grocer

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