So Fresh, So Clean

Natural, healthful, exotic offerings rule in refrigerated dressing and dips.

Take one look at salad dressings and dips, and, as with so many other categories today, it’s not hard to see the potential for fresh, clean offerings.

Chicago-based market researcher Mintel shows in its May 2016 “Sweet & Savoury Spreads” Category Insight that 30 percent of Americans who buy chips or dips agree that “no artificial ingredients” is an important nutritional attribute. Additionally, in its September 2016 “Table Sauces and Seasonings” Category Insight, Mintel notes that refrigerated options are likely to drive growth in condiments — including salad dressings — due to consumers’ increased interest in chilled foods for fresher, more healthful options.

Naturally Cool

Opportunities definitely exist in both dressings and dips on the refrigerated side. Camille Balfanz, brand manager with Litehouse Inc., a Sandpoint, Idaho-based manufacturer of refrigerated dressings, dips and more, notes that the overall trend of shopping the perimeter and opting for fresh food over shelf-stable brands has spilled into these areas, creating growing interest. Moreover, shoppers are continuing to read and analyze nutrition panels before making purchases, searching for cleaner and better ingredients.

syrup” on its products. And don’t discount the importance of origin when sourcing refrigerated dressings and dips, as consumers want to know more about the foods they consume than ever before. According to Mintel, brands can better appease consumers in this regard by communicating regional sourcing, with “manufacturers indicating on pack where ingredients and recipes are from.” Retailers, too, can promote origins via in-store marketing materials.

– Article by Randy Hofbauer, Progressive Grocer

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