Research Reveals US Millennials' Top 10 Food & Beverage Categories

Analyzing growth potential among U.S. Millennials and teens, global research consultancy TNS not only revealed the top ten food and beverage categories, but also that those categories focusing on convenience and authenticity yield more success!

TNS's new tool Growth Point was used to establish rankings by identifying unmet consumer needs and category potential. Using the TNS Consumption Universe, Growth Point can consider over 19,000 consumer interviews and 250 food and beverage products to create the most insightful rankings.

"Our Growth Point rankings highlight a real opportunity for retailers and manufacturers," says John Essegian, Executive Vice President, TNS. "Companies know their long-term growth depends on winning a greater share of the Millennial and Teen market, yet most are missing out on one of the largest opportunities; deliver products that can be prepared quickly at home, and are more natural and authentic."

The top 10 categories exhibiting the "Most Potential for Growth" were:


  1. Comfort foods prepared fresh at home
  2. Fresh fruit
  3. High protein foods prepared at home
  4. Side dishes: grains, brown rice, potatoes
  5. Hot breakfast cereals and fresh breakfast sandwiches
  6. Greek yogurt, dessert-type yogurt
  7. Frozen fruit juice bards
  8. Sandwich/sub from shop
  9. Dried fruit
  10. Trail Mix


  1. Waters: spring, sparkling
  2. Coffee: brewed at home or from a coffee shop
  3. Specialty coffees, flavors coffees
  4. Iced tea
  5. Hot tea
  6. Smoothies: made at home and ready-to-drink
  7. Nutritionally complete drinks
  8. Fruit juices
  9. Milk
  10. Coconut Water

– Article by American Entreperenurship Today

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