In produce, local is hotter than ever

Supermarkets are touting locally grown fruit and vegetables to bring in customers and increase business

A Proper Showcase

Fresh Thyme sources local items in every store, but what and how varies by location, and is highlighted in different ways.

“We have ‘locally grown’ signage throughout the store that makes a call-out if the product is from the Midwest, since we are a Midwest-based company, or if it is specific to the state or area that store is in,” Schuette said. “We practice this same labeling in all of our other departments, as we source locally whenever we can.”

“In the stores, we have dedicated display space with local signage, including signage from the local state agriculture department from which it comes,” Schneider said.

“Consumers want to know where their food comes from and they want to feel connected with the community. These are great drivers of success with local produce,” Schneider said.

Why it matters

Today’s customers are passionate and well-informed about what they eat and where it comes from, which is why stores are seeing such an increase in sales of local produce at the register.

“We all have a sense of community, and we want to support our own local economy,” Isely said. “Local produce tends to be fresher. If you know the farm or the farmer, you want to honor them. Together, these motivations make local just a little more attractive — even if it’s more expensive.”

Article by Keith Loria from Supermarket News

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