Caffeine Couture: Can Coffee Get Any Haut-er?

This new era of the black stuff, often called third-wave coffee, has initiated a whole slew of small-batch roasters and artisan coffee shops offering fair-trade, wood-roasted and single-varietal beans from every country possible.

Overhearing clever customers discuss varietals and terroir, as one would in a winery, is almost to be expected at coffee hotspots nowadays

The key to getting the most out of a coffee program is finding the right sip, and the right fit. Along with a focus on organic and artisanal-roasted beans, these new producers are uniquely dedicated to their craft...And, in the quickly expanding world of artisan coffees, new roasters and brewers get into the game everyday.

Source: Sacks, Katherine. "Caffeine Couture: Can Coffee Get any Haut-er?"

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