Coffee is the New Black

Small-batch roasting typically indicates roasting batches from 5 to 12 kilograms. Artisan roasters have more control over the coffee when using smaller quantities and can manipulate the beans to the customers’ liking. By controlling the time and temperature of a roast, it allows the extraction of the beans’ natural qualities to ensure exceptional coffee to the roaster’s delight.

Raised on Starbucks coffee, craft beer and the local and organic food and drink movement, American adults currently aged 21 to 34 are willing to explore. They seek out complex flavors and value authenticity, whether in the ingredients, production method or backstory of a product. While Millennials may embrace a brand or product that possesses these attributes, their willingness to explore can prove challenging to the development of brand loyalty that drives repeat purchases.

Source: Levin, Amelia. "Trends: Coffee is the New Black."

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